This is my Personal Invitation to YOU.

Over and over again, I see perfectly great guidance not get implemented!
There’s not enough time, or motivation is lacking, or we are unsure what steps to take next….

So, I’m happy to announce that I am now offering my Success Coaching Program to everyone!  WHY?  Because many need help implementing all that Spirit has given them!  This is my Corporate System and it’s extremely successful because it offers Strategies unique to what you want + weekly accountability to help you create your objectives.

I will personally guide you in your quest for Love, Money, Career, and all areas that you want to have success in.  I am offering you a special rate for the next 48 hours.  Here’s the situation.  Due to the number of participants, I only have a few spaces left.  So if you want to reserve your spot for my 30 Days to Success, Results Driven Coaching,

A Very Big Thank YOU to all who participated in the Energy of Prayer over the past 33 days!  And for sending all of the Stories, and for allowing me to share many of them.  Lots of great progress!  Let’s continue!!!  

For all who are waiting for their Private Channeled Angel Messages, please make sure that you have sent me your birthdate.  I will be channeling over this next week – and messages will include some crystal energy info, numerology, and other things that pertain to your Unique Soul and all that you have planned to create!  If you have not joined at this level, please message me to join if you would like to receive a Personal Channeled Angelic Reading.  The fee is $35.  

NEW NOTE:  PG7’s Special Angel Message Instructions!!!  For those of you that have signed up please send me one word that you would like further guidance on – it can be a concept, a person, work, a place or anything – just one word.

Final Prayers

Prayer – That our work continues as we become aware of our power; that we are guided continuously as we expand and grow; that we are in the right place at the right time, as we set our intentions to create; that we call in Gratitude daily!

  • Infusion Energy areas:  Head area, Projections into Career, Education, Leisure time activities, Play, and Love continued, as we were led onto the crystal beach at night (it was darker, and looked to be evening) to cleanse (perfect for the coming Full Moon of Completion tomorrow).  I watched as several soul’s changed color, and were illuminated – they actually were lifted up and given an energy cleanse.  Interestingly enough, the water never disconnected from their feet while this took place.  I feel that the physical body of all was affected by this last prayer cycle.  All were allowed to rest to allow for all of the shifting to continue and conclude.  This will lead to a tremendous cycle of growth for all!  Super exciting times!
  • Activated/Infused energy and areas:  Head to toe, and extended energy bodies – including dimensional energy bodies.  Head to toe, and extended energy bodies – including dimensional energy bodies.
  • The color of light frequency:  Deep purple energy of the evening was the overall energy, flowing in around and through all.  The golden energy of strength was glowing from within, as all were aligned with their strengths, and continued to release fears and any perceived weaknesses.
  • Symptoms:  Some dizziness, and possibly a summer cold, as the adjustments were felt throughout the body and may have created a “forced” slow down in some.  This is simply because you are not used to caring for yourself, in some cases, or you put the needs and wants of others over yours.  Then the immune system will become aligned to the higher frequency energy – the “normal” way the energy wants and was designed to flow at.  This will give increased energy.  There may have been a few headaches as well, and some of this is exacerbated by the crazy planetary cycles that we’ve been experiencing.  So take extra care of yourselves, and treat yourselves gently.
  • Archangel:  We were surrounded by a circle of Archangels, and our Guides and Guardians, who were all congratulating us on completing this Prayer cycle, and for all the work that we are doing, and for what we will be called to do as we continue.
  • Angel Symbols:  :
  • White feathers were shown to be everywhere during the day (and throughout).  This is a reminder that your dreams are within reach!  Do not stop!  Give yourself wings!  Fly in the face of conventional beliefs if they do not fit you!  Hearts were also everywhere and the message was to love yourselves – without judgement.  Doves were also shown, as a symbol of the promise of love, for those who are here to complete this creation now; those who are creating anew, and renewing love.  Chocolate chip cookies/chocolate chips are a symbol given by our grandmothers on the other side, and a symbol of love.  There are so many symbols now – just pay attention.  Lots of coins, from many grandfathers, and fathers, and other’s on the other side.  You will know – trust yourselves!
  • Affirmation/Message:  All that we are is LOVE.  We have the ability to transcend time and space and send love across the land, and beyond this dimension.  We are being called on to help the planet, and to love one another beyond what we are seeing.  We are divine in our purpose.  And we are supporte