Intuitive Energy Coaching

Are you trying all different types of programs, working hard, and not getting results?  Have you been stuck in patterns of dating the wrong person, over and over again?  Are you tired of not being paid your worth, working in a soul-less job, just to make money?

I have worked for over 25 years helping people create their perfect jobs, and careers, that help them create flow of money, and financial freedom, doing what they love!  I have helped thousands locate and clear what is keeping them stuck in procrastination patterns, and fears, that keep them from attracting true LOVE into their lives.  These hidden energies affect your health, and as you find and clear what is hidden deep within, you become happier, more energetic, and healthier in your life.  Don’t stay stuck in crippling fear, and low energy jobs, and relationships!  Get clear today!  Imagine waking up a year from now and still being stuck!  Yuck!  It’s time to make a commitment to YOU!  Call to gain insight and support as you create your health and happiness – it’s what you deserve!

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Entrepreneurial Goddess Coaching Program is accepting applications beginning on August 1st, 2019

Create more financial freedom, doing what you love.

Are you struggling with income, not being paid what you are worth, struggling from paycheck to paycheck, never able to create a savings account, or burned out and stuck in a “job” that doesn’t fulfill you?

Intuitive Energy Coach, Vicki Murphy, has created two 6-figure Soul Based Businesses, one in Art, and the current one using her gifts, Intuitive Energy Coaching & Healing. She has helped hundreds of clients create more money, doubling, tripling and even quadrupling their incomes doing what they love. Proven methods have helped clients create careers that didn’t even exist before! Using Intuitive Strategies, Vicki helps you define and create your Dream Business, and make more money doing what you love.

Whether you are already in a job, and want to increase your income, or begin a soul-based “side business”, or don’t quite know what your “gifts” are, but have a passion burning within to bring your message to the world, this program is for you.

Using my “Money Mastery Formula” and my “Soul-Purpose Blueprint Formula”, we define your gifts, bring your passions to life, and create more money doing it. If you have tried other programs, but never complete them, or they just don’t seem to work for you, I encourage you to join Intuitive Coaching. Intuitive methods help you find and clear painful blocks that create “glass ceilings” in your personal life and career; the very blocks that don’t allow you to complete past programs, or stop them from working for you.

Create steps that are easy and fun specific to your Soul-Energy Type. Six months of Hands-On support, through private sessions, accountability, email outreach, and bi-monthly group calls, help support you at every step. BONUS – You will have access to industry experts who will speak each month, including a Monroe Institute Sound-Brainwave Specialist, a Hay House Editor, Fascia Body Work & Body Alignment Experts, an Adrenal Fatigue Specialist, plus more! All have created careers doing what they love. I encourage you to step into your life in a purposeful way to bring your gifts and message to the clients who are waiting for you.

Entrepreneurial Goddess Coaching Program is accepting applications beginning on August 1st, 2019. The first session will begin on Oct. 1st, 2019.

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