During the 6-month Energy Mastery Program, you will learn how to Master Your Energy, Connect with your Divine Guides & Angels, and begin to create more of what you desire with greater ease. You will manifest opportunities in work and career, friendship, love, health, money and much more! Using the Energy Mastery methods, you will easily discover your Soul Purpose Gifts, bring your passions to life, and create more money doing it.

You will experience tools and techniques to find and clear what is blocking you – you will discover methods to heal what is causing you pain in your life. You will transform your life and become more fearlessly authentic, more aligned with your Soul Purpose and Desires, and gain clarity about what steps to take to help you create more abundance in your life.

Success Stories

Vicki Murphy provides a safe, secure, supportive and professional environment allowing me to relax and be accountable. I am able to face my fears straight on and not make them bigger than they really are. We look at the origins of my fears to release and diminish their hold on me. Her frankness and compassion during our sessions assist me in staying focused.


Learning about advanced healing energy techniques, methods, and applications, along with dream building, resonates and encourages me to be truthful and honest with myself. My spiritual growth has expanded allowing me the self-confidence and knowing that I have what it takes to be extraordinary.


I initially signed up for the Success Coaching Program because I had challenges with believing in myself enough to earn an income on my own without being dependent on someone else. This is something I have never done before at the age of 47.

You blew my expectations out of the water!! The healing sessions woke up my consciousness and through those sessions. I could feel old beliefs leaving and new ones being installed. I couldn’t even find the feeling to the “old” belief.

Through all of this I have created more clarity in my life, learned how to see, hear, and feel more positively. The beauty of it all is that you’ve taught me how to play and create in the energy and do it on my own and continue it throughout my daily life. It’s been incredibly empowering. I quadrupled my income with EASE 3 months after I started your program.


January 2020 Energy Mastery will include:


2 x monthly group coaching calls, one Q&A call, where we walk through creating support for your manifestations, and one deep dive energy healing experiences …

  • 1 Q & A – coaching support calls for manifesting specifics, with hot seat coaching
  • 1 Deep Dive Channeled Energy Healing & Experiential Calls, with more Akashic Records, calling on our Ascended Masters, having and acclaimed Guest Speakers, for Love, Nutrition, Book Writing, etc.
  • Private Facebook Group with access that will include regular posts, and bonus posts; Manifesting Monday and/or Monday Message posts, Tuesday Tips, Wealthy Wednesday Wisdom, Thankful Thursday Gratitude meditations, and Freedom Friday Time balance clearings

Opt-in #1 – You pay $525/month for monthly payments six-month commitment required to assure success.


Opt-in #2 – You can pay in full for $2982, which is $497/month


VIP Energy Mastery Option – [while sessions are available]

The VIP option is where you’ll get the entire group program, PLUS 1:1 access to me as well.

You and I will continue to have our private sessions where I can …

  • Work specifically with your energy,
  • Activate, heal, and align you at your deepest core,
  • Release lifetimes of wounds,
  • Heal your karmic trauma, and
  • Help guide you along with channeled processes & strategies as you step into your truth
  • Help you align with an extra $5-$10K a month (yes, you can!), so you CAN
  • Have a soul aligned career, so you CAN
  • Drop the overwhelm, fight or flight, and anxiety that keeps you at your wits end, exhausted so you CAN
  • Reactivate your multidimensional love with your partner or call one in, and so you CAN actually
  • Enjoy being present with yourself, your family and your friends at a deeper level …

We will be building more support together, and clearing blocks around using client lead generating Ads, Video’s, Placement & Connections, Events Opportunities (including Meetups), and more. You know what it is you want, and I can help guide you into it.

By working with your energy specifically and giving you clear guidance from your Ascended Masters and Angelic Realm Team, I will continue to facilitate transforming and catapulting you ways that continue to heal you so you can continue “playing in the energy of your divine unique gifts”!

I’m so excited to announce that because I wasn’t originally going to include 1:1 support anymore, BUT I was guided to maintain this “next level” tool in our process because … It’s what really works (and thanks for letting me know this!). I am only offering this to a few so that I can continue to help you impact your progress and accelerate achieving your goals.

While Sessions are Available!

Opt-in #1 – There’s limited space available, is $797/month Offered NOW, before the announcement, JUST FOR YOU…!

Opt-in #2 – Or if you want to pay in full, it is $4200 which comes out to only $700/month.

And, here is your Bonus Opportunity to make some extra money, and to support another beautiful soul sister. . .

Become a Goddess Ambassador!

You are out to change the world and are the spokesperson and representative of our Goddess Group and my Processes – that makes you an Ambassador of change!

When you refer someone to the Energy Mastery 6 Month Program, upon their registration and full payment (and yes, if they are paying monthly, you will still get your Ambassador fee! I just have to have their commitment to the program so they can change what they desire and create all they want – and it takes the whole 6 months at the minimum, as you know!), I will offer you $150 Ambassador fee for each referral who signs up.


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