Beetle Spirit Animal Message

The Green Beetle is one of over 350,000 mutations of beetles, and in that is related to the Scarab Beetle.  This in and of itself speaks to Beetle’s strength in adapting and surviving.  Scarab Beetles are a symbol of good luck, and associated with Ra the sun God...

Owl Spirit Animal Message

The Owl, long known for its wisdom is asking you to look inside to ask: “Who” is directing your life. Is it your thoughts, your ability to believe in yourselves, and create all you desire, or the thoughts and belief of another? “Who” is conducting the direction of...

Belief MindSet Shift Exercise:

Check yourself for these beliefs.  First close your eyes so you can feel each vibration in your body as you read through these beliefs.  See if your having a physical feeling of positive belief or negative reaction to each of the statements, and note where it is.  If...
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