Walk-Ins and Sugar Cravings

Walk-In Energy A walk-in or soul exchange is not a possession, and is done with both soul’s permission.  It is another “tool” for growth in this physical dimension, to help a soul complete a part of their learning and growth (which they otherwise may not be able to do...

How to Attract Love

First, the 3 things that you must do…. 1) Are you treating yourself with Love? Doing nice things for you? Supporting yourself in all ways; emotionally, and physically, which means listening to yourself, and following through on your own wants and needs? 2) Are you...

Full Moon Water Recipe

To make full moon water, you will need: Filtered water, or rain water A glass bottle or bowl Non-Water Soluble Crystals (Optional, and not during a Moon of Completion)   Place the water in the bowl.  Add crystals if you are using them – NOTE:  Make sure...
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