Internationally recognized, Vicki Murphy has worked as a Psychic-Medium, supporting healing and growth for over 25 years. 

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   Vicki Murphy

West Coast Medium Psychic/ Medium


Certified Psychic Medium Vicki Murphy is Internationally known and has been working for 25 years in areas of spiritual growth and energy exploration of the soul’s journey.  Her ability to access Akashic records to reveal your soul patterns, along with her work as a medical intuitive, enables clients to move past their illnesses and diseases into a level of understanding of their Soul’s purpose and of their journey.  Vicki's innate ability to clear energy through dimensional space and time facilitates the Soul’s healing and transformation.  She also has the ability to work on current life issues to release the blockages that are creating difficulties in the areas of relationship, finance, career and health, and through Angelic and Spirit communication, she connects with your Loved One's that have crossed over to bring healing messages.  

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Los Angeles, Sunday April 6th, 2014

Live at the New Earth Expo.  Vicki will be speaking, doing personal readings, and selling her new book.  Don't miss this event.  Click on the New Earth Expo logo for details.

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West Coast Medium Weekend Retreat

Carlsbad, Ca. April 25th thru 27th, 2014

Enjoy a magical weekend retreat at the beautiful Carlsbad Beach Terrace Inn. Advanced workshops to help clear energy blocks, past life and future intentions.

A once in a lifetime opportunity to join Vicki Murphy at an intimate Beach Retreat Weekend.  Very Limited Spacer is Available.  Register Now!